Greetings from Houston!

 Thank you so much for praying for our family and  ministry here in Houston.  Everyday we see evidence that God has brought us here, and  we have confirmation that we are right where we are supposed to be. Here are a few highlights.

  • I (Melanie) began my new job yesterday teaching ESL to wives and children of international businessmen who are working  in Houston.  I have five students, three from Indonesia, one from Kuwait, and one from Russia.   The mother said that she hopes she will be able to convince me of the truths of Islam before we finish studying English.  She is a very strong Muslim and very much against Christianity.  Please pray that the Lord will work in Mrs. H's heart to see the truth of the gospel.  Pray that I will respond in love when she says things that often "push my buttons". Pray also for the salvation of  Mrs. F., Mr. H., Miss C.C., and Mrs. T.
  • Thank you for praying for additional piano students. Buddy continues to receive new students and all but one being from a country outside of America. Pray that we might be able to reach  these families and share the love of Christ.  
  • Praise the Lord that He continues to provide for our family.  He is so faithful to take care of us!
  • Our little house church continues to grow in unity and vision as we meet together each week. We were able to spend a lovely time with our new Ethiopian friends last Saturday in their home. This is a wonderful Christian family who loves the Lord and shares our heart to see the nations reached in Houston.  Above is a picture of Avery with her new friends Abigail and Nathan.  Pray that God will continue to grow us as we share Christ and make disciples of the nations!
The Lord reminded me of a verse this week,  "A bruised reed he will not break; and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he has brought justice through to victory.  In his name the nations will put their hope."  Matthew 12:20-21. That is what we long to see...people from all nations coming to know Jesus and seeing Him change their lives!  He is faithful and He will do it!  Thank you for praying!

For His Glory,

Buddy, Melanie, Ashley, Adam, Masuod, and Avery 



    Buddy & Melanie Brents are church planters who have served with the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, Alabama State Board of Missions, and the Mobile Baptist Association.  He is the Director and Founder of Nations Church Planting Network.  They are doing multi-ethnic church planting in Houston, Texas.


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