We wanted to update you on all the Lord is doing here in Houston!  We now have a Korean family--Jonathan and Amy and their 3 children who will be partnering with us to start a new church. They currently live about 40 minutes away but will be moving to our neighborhood hopefully in July or August.  Please keep this sweet family in your prayers. They are a gift from the Lord and share our vision of seeing a multi-ethnic church started in Southwest Houston. 

Jonathan was in Buddy's doctoral seminar class he went to a few weeks ago at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He said that when Buddy shared with the class his vision for starting a network of 50 churches over the next 20 years, he felt the Lord was giving him a "Macedonian Call" to come and be a part of the work!  Praise the Lord!

A second family that came this week was a precious family from Ethiopia!  Ashley started a new job this past  week at a law firm here in Houston. She arrived early last Thursday and was having her quiet time in her car before she went in to work.  A man was in his car next to her. When she got out, he rolled down his window and said, "I saw you reading your Bible. I am reading mine too!" Ashley asked where he was from and he said, "Ethiopia!  This meeting is very Biblical isn't it!"  You may recall the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian in Acts. :)   Ashley was was able to invite him to our home for worship and he came yesterday with his wife and two children!  He is passionate about sharing his faith and we rejoice that the Lord has added another family to our little group. The picture above was taken this past Sunday.
Please continue to pray for us!  The Lord is so faithful to build HIS church.  We are grateful to play a small part in that!  

Thank you for your partnership with us in the ministry here in Houston! Here are a few things we would appreciate your prayers for this week:
*Pray for Melanie as she has an interview on Friday, March 27th for an ESL teaching position.  Pray that the Lord will open this door if this is where he wants her to work.
*To help provide for our family,  Buddy is hoping to have several classes of piano students. Please pray that these classes will form in the next couple of weeks.
*Praise the Lord that He has provided jobs for Ashley, Adam, and Masuod!  (Ashley as a legal assistant at a law firm, Adam as a team leader at Chick-Fil a and Masuod as a cashier at Popeye's Chicken)
*Pray for us to be able to make connections with our neighbors that will give us opportunities to share our faith.
*Ask the Lord to continue to praise up prayer and financial supporters who will be  part of the ministry here.  If you are interested in financially supporting our ministry, please email us  at buddybrents@gmail.com and we can share more of how you can be  part of this ministry!
*Pray that our family will be a witness in all that we do!  

Thank you all for your prayers!!  Please let us know how we can be praying for you as well!

For His Glory,
Buddy, Melanie, Ashley, Adam, Masuod, and Avery
Our second week of worship in Houston:  Ethiopian, Iranian, Korean, & American.


    Buddy & Melanie Brents are church planters who have served with the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, Alabama State Board of Missions, and the Mobile Baptist Association.  He is the Director and Founder of Nations Church Planting Network.  They are doing multi-ethnic church planting in Houston, Texas.


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