It was only a few years ago that the Lord was leading Melanie and I to consider returning to America after 16 years of IMB service in Tokyo, Japan.  It was one of the most difficult decisions we have ever made.  It was far more difficult to return from the field than it was to respond to God's call to go to the field.  Yet, in the rear view mirror, I look back and realize the Lord was in those moments of stress, leading us to a missionary call in the USA.

     Now we are adjusted to living in a new land called America.  I am so grateful for the years of experience and training given to me by the IMB. I call on my SC training daily as I work with people groups from all over the globe.  The mission field has come to Houston, Texas in a way that was so unexpected some 25 years ago.  In His foreknowledge, He trained us in a distant land to meet the needs of the nations He would bring to America,  What a plan that only God could make.

    I'm praying for my IMB brothers and sisters who are praying through the decision of returning back to America.  I can assure you that if He calls you, He will use you, your training, and your experience to reach the nations.  There are many places in America where only you can fulfill the purposes of the Kingdom.  I'm praying that for some of IMB brothers and sisters that their next place of service may be Houston, Texas.  Life as a missionary in America is awesome!  --IN HIM, Buddy Brents


    Buddy & Melanie Brents are church planters who have served with the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, Alabama State Board of Missions, and the Mobile Baptist Association.  He is the Director and Founder of Nations Church Planting Network.  They are doing multi-ethnic church planting in Houston, Texas.


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