April 27, 2015
Good evening!

I wanted to ask you all to be praying and rejoicing with us about several opportunities that have come up this week.

1.  Buddy has volunteered to teach ESL at our local YMCA.  The staff was elated and told him that this YMCA is the most diverse one in the nation.  They said there is a tremendous  need for ESL classes. Our desire is to build relationships with internationals  and for opportunities to share our faith. Please pray that the YMCA will not set parameters on our classes that would hinder us from sharing the gospel.  Pray for the Lord to open doors of incredible ministry through the YMCA.  

2.  We have a potential new partner and family who will be joining us this Sunday. The husband speaks two or three  languages and the wife speaks five languages.  They would be a tremendous asset to the work here if the Lord leads them to join us.  Pray for the Lord's will for this family and for our church.

3.  Our Iranian son, Masuod, has been given an opportunity to serve at an international Christian camp this summer!  We are so excited. Please pray that the Lord will use him in the lives of the campers and that he will grow in his faith as well.

4.  I (Melanie) have begun reading a wonderful book called, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Quresh. It has given me  a better understanding of the world of my Muslim ESL students.  This week, I shared with one of my students that I had begun reading the book. At first she was horrified that any Muslim would convert to Christianity, but after she recovered from the initial  shock, she asked why the person changed religions.  I told her that I had just begun to read the book but perhaps we could talk about it a little each week as I read through it.  Her response was, "That would be good."  Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom on how and what to share each week.  Pray for Mrs. H to open her heart to the truth of the gospel.  Pray that the Lord would give her dreams and visions and reveal Himself to her.

5.  Thank you to those of you who support our ministry monthly through your prayers and gifts!  We couldn't do what we do here without you.  If you would like to join our financial support team, please drop me an email at melaniebrents@gmail.com and I will share with you how you can be a part of the team.  

Have a wonderful week!! God is so good!

For His Glory,
Buddy, Melanie, Ashley, Adam, Masuod, and Avery


09/07/2016 3:47pm

That is great news! It is always good to invite speakers from other countries so you and your members can learn about their culture and beliefs. Maybe they are sent by God to help you for your church. God has a ways of surprising and helping us in little ways. I guess it means that he never leaves our side and is supporting us through it all.

09/28/2017 3:56am

I am always blessed knowing that people are dedicating themselves for the work of the Lord. The same mindset and heart as I have, I have learned my purpose in life when I have known Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and savior. I have known that it my duty is to serve the Lord above all. That is why I rejoice with whom I see joyous because they have done something for the work of the Lord. As long as it is for the Lord, no labor is in vain.

11/14/2016 3:13am

Ok, I will contact you. I want to be a part of your team. I support your ministry.

05/14/2017 7:15pm

Congratulations on the new opportunities that have come your way. God bless you and your family. I am happy for you because not all the time opportunities are present. Opportunities are rare and sometimes they are only present once in a lifetime. God is good all the time and your family and friends are blessed. I hope you don't waste any of the opportunities given to you.


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02/19/2017 2:32am

Have a good next week too! Hope you are on your way of making all your dreams come true!

03/10/2017 1:08am

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05/29/2017 2:20am

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    Buddy & Melanie Brents are church planters who have served with the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, Alabama State Board of Missions, and the Mobile Baptist Association.  He is the Director and Founder of Nations Church Planting Network.  They are doing multi-ethnic church planting in Houston, Texas.


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